Will Social Media Enhance Perception of PR?

In a recent article in Fortune Tech, Gregory Galant, CEO of MuckRack, writes about the lack of respect for public relations as a business function, especially as compared to advertising.  There’s no program celebrating PR practitioners to compare with the popular AMC TV series Mad Men, he notes.

After providing several reasons why he thinks this is the case, Galant predicts a big change with the rising importance of social media, which “play to the strengths of public relations rather than advertising.”

Here’s why, according to Galant:

  • Effects of PR can now be measured to a greater extent than ever before in history
  • Social media can drive more human communications.
  • You can now scale PR to influencers and by promoting articles.
  • Public relations now has meaningful data to influence big decisions.

You can read the full article here.

Posted by Margot Dimond


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