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  1. If I want to become a PR (specifically for nonprofit organizations) but the college doesn’t offer a public relations major, what can I major in to make myself a strong candidate for the position?

    • You can major in journalism or English, perhaps with a minor in business. If possible, try to get an internship or part-time job in a nonprofit organization or PR firm near your college. – Margot

  2. I would love if you could do an article explaining the best way to pitch a “profile” story. Not a profile on a business, but a person.

    For instance a local business owner, and you are not so much interested in getting the business written up (Which might be a boring business), but the person who owns it is a fascinating story on its own. How do you pitch this? Do you pitch it as an exclusive and just sent it to one outlet at a time waiting for answers? How should the pitch read?

    Thanks for any help!

  3. I would like to know how to go about placing an ad in your paper , how much it costs and how long does the ad run and who all would see it? See I live in Maryland and my son lives in Rogersville, Tennessee so I want to know if I place the ad will he be able to see it or not?

  4. I would like to ask your opinion on these two questions..
    1.) Has social media changed the relationship between journalists and PR professionals?
    2.) What is social media’s role in modern public relations?

    • Thank you for your questions:

      1) The main change is that through journalists’ social media posts, PR professionals can better understand their beats, deadlines and interests. This helps us know what they write about, what kind of information they need, and how best to approach them. The days of blanketing the media with news releases is long gone.

      2) Social media is now fully integrated into the public relations practice and is viewed as one of many tools used to promote a client’s message.


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