Getting publicity for your event

Calendar planning conceptThinking about getting publicity for your upcoming event?  If your publicity plan includes coverage by the news media, it’s best to do your planning early – while you are planning the event itself.  Here are five things to think about when preparing your plan.

  1. Create an interesting theme.   You can tie in to a national commemoration or a big local or statewide celebration, but provide something special for your event to make it your own.
  2. Schedule it for the right day and time.   Whenever possible, avoid days where you are competing with numerous other events. Late afternoons or evenings can be problematic, depending on the news outlet.
  3. Know what to send to the media – and when.   Before the event, send an event announcement to TV, radio and major daily newspapers.  Keep it short and to-the-point, with “who, what, when, where” information, plus some information on the “why” of the event as well.
  4. Select the right media to contact for your event.  Don’t blanket all media outlets with your event announcement.  Send only to media you think would be interested in covering it.
  5. Think visually.  Many TV news outlets and newspapers that cover events send a photographer.  Make sure you have more than speeches for them to cover.

Once the event is over, don’t assume everyone in your target audience has seen the media coverage.  Go online and get links to stories and send them to your clients or (if you are doing the event for a charitable organization) your board members, volunteers and donors.

Events can be a great way to get publicity, and with the right kind of event and advance planning, your event will bring you a lot of attention.

Posted by Margot Dimond